Stylesheet that helps you debug layout problems in react-native, because we're all still not that good at flexbox
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When you want to debug layout problems, use this instead of the normal StyleSheet to get coloured borders (or backgrounds) around views that are affected by the stylesheet.


Add it to your project

  1. Run npm install react-native-debug-stylesheet --save
  2. When you want to debug a layout problem, do something like this:
var { PixelRatio, StyleSheet } = require('react-native');
// Drop this in to override the above StyleSheet var and use the
// DebugStyleSheet class instead.
var StyleSheet = require('react-native-debug-stylesheet');

// Business as usual
  // ....

If you prefer to use coloured backgrounds, then do this:

var StyleSheet = require('react-native-debug-stylesheet').Backgrounds;


If you'd rather make your own debug stylesheet than use the default border/background color options, you can do this easily too.

var { createDebugStylesheet, randomHexColor } = require('react-native-debug-stylesheet');

var doubleHeaderFontSize = function(styleClass, cssProperty, cssValue) {
  if (cssValue && styleClass.match(/header/)) {
    return cssValue * 2;
  return cssValue;

var StyleSheet = createDebugStylesheet({
  backgroundColor: randomHexColor, fontSize: doubleHeaderFontSize,
  borderColor: randomHexColor, borderWidth: 0.5,

MIT Licensed