react-native login via native facebook sdk, with a mp4 video background and a linear gradient
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Upgraded to ReactNative 0.8.0.



Blog post about integrating Facebook SDK with react-native here.

Deprecation warning: This is still a useful example to learn how to write native modules and create a login screen, but you should be using react-native-fbsdk now for a more robust solution to Facebook login.

Note: To get this project running, you need to install the Facebook SDK for iOS!

Warning: This project is running on React Native 0.5.0, which is a couple of months old. Pull requests welcome to update to the most recent version!

Check out the example gif below (sorry it's a bit heavy) to see it in action. Note that it is in the simulator so it uses the browser for Facebook auth; it will use the Facebook app if it is available. Video background is implemented with react-native-video, the gradient for the button with react-native-linear-gradient, and the 'About this project' modal with react-native-modal.

Demo gif

background.mp4 does not belong to me, I borrowed it from