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Brent's Spatterbox screening questions

Note to the reader

Hello! How are you? Thanks for taking the time to check my screening questions out.

Did you know? I like to do Test Driven Development. Check out the specs directory to see the tests that I wrote while solving these problems. To run the specs, do a bundle install && rake the first time, then just rake. Tested with Ruby 1.9.3p0.

Every question has been decently cleaned up, but given that this is simply a screening exam, I did not bother to write too many comments. I've recently enjoyed writing TomDoc style comments, but it seemed overkill for this task.

The solutions solve the problem at hand but there are clearly gaping holes (ie if you put text in between html elements in question 3) that will make them throw nasty exceptions. I hope you'll find that the code is factored well enough that such problems would be relatively easy to address without completely tearing apart the code.

1. SQL Query

Find this in /lib/count_applications.sql

Not much to say here. Nested select seemed like the most straightforward solution.

If you prefer, you can read the query inline here:

SELECT, ( SELECT count(*)
                           FROM applications
                           WHERE applications.student_id = )
                           AS application_count
FROM      students
ORDER BY  application_count DESC,

2. "Shapely"

Find this in lib/spatterbox/shapely.rb

Important note

The provided sample output had seemingly arbitrary decimal places (perimter of 10.5 and area of 5.30 for triangle for example). I just went ahead and showed exactly two decimals places for everything.

To run on the sample data:

ruby bin/shapely.rb sample

Or use your own file:

ruby bin/shapely.rb /Users/brentvatne/docs/sample_shapes.csv

(replace this path with a full path to your file)

3. "Tag Prettifier"

Find this in lib/spatterbox/tag_prettifier.rb

There are (at least) two ways to run this from your command line:

Unix pipe syntax

cat /Users/brentvatne/docs/sample_tags.txt | ruby bin/prettify.rb

(replace this path with a full path to your file)

Manually feeding in input

Or just:

ruby bin/prettify.rb

And enter your data as you please into the command line.

4. "Recursively Tag"

Find this in lib/spatterbox/recursively_tag.rb

You might notice when you look at the source that it's about 5 LOC. That is because I lean heavily on the XMLTag class that is used in the "Tag Prettifier" as well.

Run it with

ruby bin/recursively_tag.rb

This will run over the sample data, a b c d e f. If you want to change that, just open up bin/recursively_tag.rb and put in whatever you like.

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