A flask server that allows for multiple games with a banker and multiple players 💸🏦
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A simple flask server that allows for a banker and multiple players


Player Type and Name Select Player Game Select Player View Banker View


  • Python 3.6 (basically anything that will run Flask)
  • Flask (pip install Flask)


  1. Optional: delete data.json on first run or use the one supplied
  2. Run run_server.py
  3. Visit address displayed
  4. Choose if you are the banker or another player and supply your name
  5. If you are a player, enter the pin supplied by your banker
  6. Have fun


  • Games that generate when a player makes themself a banker
  • Easily join a game using a pin
  • Transfer money easily
  • Auto refresh in the background (still manual button in /play/ if its too slow)
  • Banker can edit player names and remove people
  • Free parking
  • Ask who starts first (random selection of current players)
  • Log that says what has happened (Shows all money values in K)
  • Can set players balances
  • Lock the game so no one else can come in while you are in the middle of a game