Downloads selected song from a iTunes album using YouTube
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Downloads selected song from a iTunes album using YouTube as an audio source.


  • Python (tested with 3.5)
  • ffmpeg (described in Installation steps 2+3)


  1. Clone this repository: git clone
  2. cd into the directory: cd mp3-iTunes
  3. Install the requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Go to and download ffmpeg.
  5. Extract the files and copy ffmpeg.exe, ffplay.exe abd ffprobe.exe from the /bin folder to the location of (you can also put these in a location that is reference by the PATH variable if you wish)


  1. Go to the browser version of iTunes and find the album your desired song is in (e.g. and copy the url.
  2. Run and insert the iTunes url and the number of the song in the album.
  3. Click get data
  4. Change tag details if needed
  5. Click open search and copy a youtube url with good audio quality that has your desired song.
  6. Click download. Files will be saved to output/ in the cwd.