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Sparky firmware

sparky gif

Arduino sketch + associated source files for running Sparky, the RHex-style hexapedal robot we designed for UC Berkeley's Introduction to Prototyping & Fabrication course.

Our code's made up of a few main components:

  • an open-loop gait controller for generating synchronized leg trajectories
  • six local joint controllers: these are simple PD loops w/ velocity feedforwards
  • a BLE interface for sending status information & receiving twist commands
  • a set of dynamically configurable settings which can be pushed to & pulled from the EEPROM (this is primarily for control loop tuning on the fly)

Demo video and relevant repositories:

Potential features for the future:

  • gait optimization based on accelerometer data (already supported by hardware -- for inclines, flip scenarios, etc)
  • smarter leg control implementation
  • quantitatively calculated leg trajectory parameters (speeds are currently preset)
  • ROS support

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