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-Running the sample application (depot)
+The project presents sample test suites for several testing frameworks. Each
+of the examples is a test suite for Depot, a rails application.
-NOTE: all the files needed to run this app are not currently here!
-- use rails 1.2
-- use mysql 5.0
-- see depot/README.txt for more details
+We have been using this project to both explore the features and benefits of
+existing frameworks as well as to drive improvements and integration.
-> cd depot
-> ruby script\server
+Specifically the taza suite is being used to drive development of the
+taza/watircraft branch of development.
+Running the sample application (Depot)
+This applications uses Rails 1.2 and MySQL 5.0.
+See depot/README.txt for details.
Running tests
@@ -19,3 +24,4 @@ In each test directory, run:
rake -f <Rakefile>
where <Rakefile> is replaced with the name of the Rakefile eg Rakefile, rakefile.rb etc
+The rasta tests will only run on Windows.

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