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=== 0.5.0 / 2009-04-10
This release adds a new artifact to your project: method libraries. It also
adds commands for use in script\console.
You will need to update your project using "watircraft ." to use this
New Features
* New generator: "method". This creates templates for methods that can be
be used with both rspec (specs) and cucumber (steps). Use
"script\generate method" for details.
* Added commands to navigate tables in script\console. The page.tables method
will return a list of the tables defined on the page. The table.fields and
table.elements methods return lists of fields and elements defined for the
But Fixes
* When using Rspec 1.2.x, you should be able to execute specs simply by
"running" the file with Ruby. This worked pre 1.2 and now works with 1.2.
(Fixed both project specs and WatirCraft's own unit tests.)
=== 0.4.5 / 2009-04-07
New Features
* Will now use the latest version of Rspec and Cucumber. Previously we
declared dependencies on specific versions of Rspec and Cucumber. Now we
will install and use the latest version. If you have a specific version
you want to use, you should install it first. WatirCraft will use it,
instead of installing its own.
* When you create a new project, your site.rb file will now contain a
template initialize_browser method, making it easier to see how to
customize it.
Bug Fixes
* Some "should" commands were not working in the script\console.
(e.g. "browser.text.should include('Google')"
* Fixed incorrect reference to config file in "startup instructions".
* Moved documentation from project readme to the wiki.
=== 0.4.4 / 2009-04-02
This release provides a number of new configuration options for managing
browsers. Detailed instructions are now displayed after creating a new
project. We've also updated the Rdoc.
New Features
* Added several new browser configuration options. These are: attach, leave_open
speed, visible, and bring_to_front. Like "browser" these can be specified
as env vars, as rake arguments, or in the config.yml file. See config.yml
file in a new project for exact syntax. Currently all but leave_open only work
with IE; inapplicable settings will simply be ignored when running with Firefox.
* Extracted Site#initialize_browser method. This does all the standard
initialization of the browser as per configuration settings. However, in
cases where exceptional measures must me taken (e.g. security popups), the
standard method can now be to overriden or extended.
* Corrected and expanded Rdoc for Page.
* Detailed instructions are now displayed after you execute the "watircraft"
=== 0.4.3 / 2009-03-31
Bug Fixes
* WatirCraft can now be installed on a Mac (again).
* Page#url now returns the full url of the page.
Table Fixes
* Field elements/fields can now reference current row as "row", consistent
with page elements/fields being referencing browser as "browser".
(Previously you had to use @row, which still works.)
* Element names of table fields are now named x_field, consistent with page
fields. (Previously was x_element.)
* Fields that aren't found for some rows will no longer cause errors
when used as accessors.
Readme Updates
* Update install instructions.
* Add Google example.
* Update feature list.
* Add additional information (feedback, mailing list, WatirCraft LLC)
* Identify Github/readme as homepage for project.
=== 0.4.2 / 2009-03-24
* Fixed "can't find site generator" bug that occured when creating a new project.
* Page field and table fields now support Firefox.
=== 0.4.1 / 2009-02-24
* Fixed bug with script\console: no such file to load -- site_start
=== 0.4.0 / 2009-02-23
You will need to run "watircraft ." at the root of your project in order to
update your test suite to work with this version of the WatirCraft Framework.
* Code for cucumber or rspec now runs in the same context. There is also a new
console that allows you to run code in the same context. This should vastly
simplify learnability and debugging options. Please try out the new script
* Added support for tables. Please see the rdoc for Page#table for details on
how to use this.
Details on New Features
* Added script/console. This provides an interactive Ruby shell (irb) that
executes in the context of your site. Hopefully a useful learning and
debugging tool.
* Added new methods primarily intended to be used from within the script/console.
In the default context (site), there is "pages" which returns a list of the
pages defined for the site. In the context of a page, there are "elements" and
"fields". And also "elements_exist?" and "values". To get better formatted
results, type "y" before these commands.
* Rspec tests ("describe" & "it") now execute in the context of a site, or at least
something very similar. This makes it easier to share libraries between
rspec and cucumber tests. Also easier to translate learning from one to the
* Added Page#element_exists? This method will return false if an intermediate
part of the Watir syntax (e.g. frame) throws a Not Found exception. This makes
page.element_exists(:my_element) better than using page.my_element.exists?
* Added Site#page method. Now,"check out") is the same as
* You can now use strings as arguments to Page.element and Page.field. These
strings can even be in "human-form" with spaces and capitolization. They will
automatically be "computerized".
Other Changes
* Site#origin now returns the base url of the site. (Was: Site#url).
* Hard-coded dependencies on Cucumber 0.1.16 and Rspec 1.1.12. Previously,
watircraft would install the latest versions of these gems, which could
create inconsistencies if installed over time on different machines. Now
this won't happen. However, if newer versions are installed on your machine,
they will be used.
* Updated to use Cucumber 0.1.16 instead of 0.1.13.
* Explicitly declare dependency on Watir 1.6.2 (or newer). Previously this
was assumed.
=== 0.3.2 / 2009-02-04
Another patch release. Like 0.3.1, no need to update if your project is
already at 0.3.x
* Fix "undefined method display_value" error that appeared when creating
page fields with links or parents.
=== 0.3.1 / 2009-02-03
This patch release includes some fixes and an improved updater.
Update Notes
You can update an existing project created with a previous release
by typing "watircraft ." in root of your project.
(That is _watircraft space period_.)
If your project was created with or already updated to 0.3.0, you do not
need to update (although it won't hurt if you do).
If your project was created with beta2 or previous, you will need to update
to use this version.
Improvements to Updater
* When using "watircraft" to update an existing project, you no longer
have to specify the site name.
* When updating, the "correct" files will automatically be replaced.
* The initialize.rb file is now stamped with the time and version.
* Automatically install cucumber when installing watircraft.
* Allow pages to be specified in camel case (or not) in the page generator.
* Changed method of declaring dependencies in an attempt to fix reported
"could not find site generator" error which I cannot reproduce.
* Improved documentation for generators. (Type "watircraft" or
"script\generate page" to see this.)
* You can now use the cucumber command from inside the tests/features
directory (previously it would only work from project root).
=== 0.3.0 / 2009-02-02
Repackaged as watircraft gem version 0.3.0.
* You can now get a list of the script/generate commands that are available to
you by typing "script/generate" from the root of your project. Currently these
are *page*, *spec* and *steps*. However, additional generators will be made
available in future versions of this framework, as well as other plug-ins.
Installation Instructions
gem install watircraft
Update Instructions
If you have a project created with a prior version of watircraft (aka taza), you
will need to do the following.
# Open a command shell to the root of your project (i.e. where you type
rake commands).
# Type "watircraft . --site=your_site_name". This will add some files and
ask whether you want
to replace several files. Say yes ('y') and replace the following files (only):
* script/destroy
* script/generate
* feature_helper.rb
* spec_helper.rb
* world.rb
User Visible Changes
* Renamed gem from "taza" to "watircraft".
* Rename "taza" command to "watircraft".
* Removed flow generator. Plan is to use Watirloo's use case class instead.
* Now uses rspec version 1.1.12.
* Added Readme and History files.
* Added initialize.rb file to test projects. This will simplify future updates.
* The "watircraft" command now takes an option to specify a site.
Technical Changes
* Merged in changes from Taza 0.8.2., including
* Fix a bug in filters leading to infinite regress.
* Added rake task for Manifest.txt.
* Renamed generator_helper from taza to watircraft.
* Removed partials. Need to review how to provide this functionality in
* Taza generators are now WatirCraft generators.
* Executable version number is now automatically built from VERSION.yml.
(With taza, you had to maintain this by hand)
Known Bugs
* Need to provide homepage for project.
=== Beta 2 / 2009-01-23
* Updated documentation for Taza::Page. It includes details on the element and
field commands.
* Fix bug preventing the cucumber command from working.
Known Bugs
* Cucumber command will only work when run from the root of the project.
Update Notes
Like Beta 1, this is delivered as a gem called taza version 0.8.1. You should
delete that one before installing this one.
If you already have a project created with Beta 1, you will need to add the
following code to the top of your lib/<project_name>.rb file:
APP_ROOT = File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(FILE), '..')) unless defined?(APP_ROOT)
=== Beta 1 / 2009-01-14
Forked from Taza 0.8.1.
Summary of Features
* Tests can be configured to work with different environments.
* Rich page classes simplify tests, and make theme easier to read and maintain.
* Support for both rspec and cucumber style tests.
* Defined pages can be used with both rspec and cucumber tests.
* Generate scripts create templates for pages, specs (rspec tests) and steps (for cucumber tests).
Known Bugs
* Support for FireWatir is incomplete (specifically: Page fields)
* Flows are not supported.
* Need to merge with latest version of taza/master.
* Need to update to latest version of rspec (1.1.12)
* Page fields do not support Radio lists.
Differences from Taza/Master
* Only supports a single site per project
* Simplified directory structure
* Added support for cucumber
* Added spec generator (rspec).
* Addition of Page fields.
* Simplified config files.
This version is delivered as a gem purporting to be taza version 0.8.1. This
will be fixed in a future release.
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