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WatirCraft is a testing framework that builds on Watir. It allows tests to be expressed as Rspec or Cucumber tests and provides a library structure to support maintainable testing. It gives you a place to put things.


  • Generates a directory structure for your test suite with one command.
  • Provides page adapters you can customize for your application.
  • Configure environment URLs and browser type (IE, Firefox) in one location.
  • Supports multiple environments; specify which to test at run time.
  • Uses templates to create tests and libraries.
  • Automatically initializes browser for testing.
  • Provides the glue to ensure your tests can find your libraries. Don’t write another “require” statement again.
  • Runs on Windows, Mac or Linux.


Run the following if you haven’t already:

> gem update --system
> gem sources -a

Install the gem:

> gem install bret-watircraft

Next Steps

Getting Started
How to Create a Project


WatirCraft is an object-oriented testing framework that helps you create class libraries to support the tests for your application. On their own, many testers have created procedural libraries for testing because they understand these and find them easier to create and understand.

Although object-oriented frameworks like WatirCraft are somewhat more difficult to understand at first, they are easier to customize and upgrade. As we add more features to the WatirCraft framework, your test suite will automatically get the benefit.

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