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Google Home workshop


Presentation slides

Slides | Video



  1. Use the Actions on Google Console to add a new project with a name of your choosing.
  2. Click Use API.AI and then Create Actions on API.AI to open the API.AI console.
  3. Click Save to save the project.
  4. Click on the gear icon to see the project settings.
  5. Deploy the fulfillment webhook provided in the src/yoda-bot folder using Google Cloud Functions:
    1. Create a Google Cloud Platform project if you don't already have one.
    2. Create a Cloud Storage Bucket to store your source code when deploying to Cloud Functions. Add this value to src/yoda-bot/ if you wish to use this deploy script.
    3. Install the gcloud command line utility.
    4. From src/yoda-bot deploy using src/yoda-bot/ or using $ gcloud beta functions deploy yodabot --trigger-http --stage-bucket [YOUR_STORAGE_BUCKETNAME]
  6. Go back to the API.AI console and select Fulfillment from the left navigation menu. Enable Webhook, set the value of URL to the Function URL from the previous step (should look something like, then click Save.
  7. In the API.API console:
    1. Create an Intent named math.add with the Action Name of math.add. g 1. Under User Says enter "what is 10 plus 6"
      1. Mark the 10 as number1 with entity type @sys.number
      2. Mark the 6 as number2 with entity type @sys.number
      3. Under Fulfillment mark Use webhook
    2. Create an Intent named yoda.translate with the Action Name of yoda.translate.
      1. Under User Says enter "translate hello world to Yodish"
      2. Mark hello world as phrase with entity type @sys.any
      3. Under Fulfillment mark Use webhook
  8. Select Integrations from the left navigation menu and open the Settings menu for Actions on Google.
  9. Enter the following intents as Additional triggering intents
    • math.add
    • yoda.translate
  10. Click Test.
  11. Click View to open the Actions on Google simulator.
  12. Type Talk to my test app in the simulator, or say OK Google, talk to my test app to any Actions on Google enabled device signed into your developer account.

For more detailed information on deployment, see the documentation.


Ask Bret on Twitter at @bretmcg.

How to make contributions?

Please read and follow the steps in the



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