Automate code template files; Perl, Ruby, Python, C
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Automate script template files: Perl, Ruby, Python, C

Need to write a Perl script? How about Ruby, Python, or C?

Scripter is an easy to use utility that generates a template file for Perl, Ruby, Python, and C files. It automatically populates with pre-defined text (you can alter to your likings and needs), setting you up and ready to actually start coding.

Get Scripter

git clone

Add To Path

Add scripter to your $PATH variable so you can call it from any location.

cd scripter
ln -s $PWD/ /usr/local/bin/scripter

Diminish Those Extra Keystrokes

Simply call scripter: $ scripter

In this example, the program will create a perl file named in the current directory where it was run.

#License Under the following licence.