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The issues below have been raised in the past and have a known workaround. If you don't see an issue listed here please check the "Issues" tab and create a new issue if you don't see a similar report.


Issue description Workaround
On Mac OS X you can not paste graphics copied from MacMolPlt into applications such as Word or ChemDraw. This appears to be due to a change in the wxWidgets library such that it copies out a pdf version of the image. A workaround is to open and choose "New from Clipboard" from the file menu. You can then copy the image in preview and paste into Word, etc.
MacMolPlt compatibility with FireFly The Firefly developers have decided to fork FireFly away from the GAMESS code base. As the GAMESS code is replaced with non-compatible code you can expect MacMolPlt and similar tools to be less and less compatible with FireFly. MacMolPlt should be fully compatible with WinGAMESS and other builds of the GAMESS code base. I have been told the following: "Adding the command line option -legacy will revert the Gamess Firefly output to one that is legible by wxmacmolplt."
The current wxMacMolPlt does not open the binary files produced by the original MacMolPlt up to version 5.5. To read old binary files you can download MacMolPlt 5.6.2 For users with intel based Macs, get info on the downloaded MacMolPlt 5.6.2 and check the "Open in Rosetta" box. Otherwise you will get error messages about corrupt data when reading the old binary files. Once read in save the file to a new name which will automatically be in the new CML format.
Crash in build mode with Ubuntu 12.04 (possibly other versions) I have verified that there is a strange crash when run under the original Ubuntu 12.04 release. However, updating the full installation with the latest bug fixes as of Dec. 2012 fixes the issue. Thus I conclude there was a problem in one of the libraries that has now been fixed.
Builds using wxWidgets 2.9.1 and later (windows and Mac) do not have the right default size for the preferences dialog. You can manually resize the window as needed.
Copy Coordinates Menu in the Coordinates Window does not activate properly on Ubuntu 14.04 This seems to be a bug in the wxWidgets 2.8 build on Ubuntu. Ubuntu 14.04 offers both 2.8 and 3.0 versions of wxWidgets and builds against the newer 3.0 version work properly. v7.6.1 offers a prebuilt binary for Trusty (14.04) that utilizes wx3.0 so should be used on 14.04 and later.
The v7.6.2 Windows 64 bit installer fails to launch the application or install a shortcut in the start menu The installer does install the software in the specified programs directory successfully so you can launch it from there. Corrected in the v7.7 installer. The only remaining oddity is that you have to delete a previous installation before updating.
Exporting a frame animation with energy plot shows only the energy plot under Windows. The same code works fine on Mac OS X and Linux and I am currently stumped on how to fix it on Windows.
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