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A tester for testing controllers with AIR on Mac!

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AIR Controller Tester Mac

AIR Controller Tester displays input from controllers.

It currently supports up to 16 controllers. Testing controllers is hot-swappable.


Download the latest version.


Master branch is the latest version, development branch is whatever I am working on.


  • Make it so text doesn't just fly off the bottom haha


This is a base project for adding controller support to the Mac version of your Adobe AIR game with FlashDevelop. The basic idea of this program is to help you reference button input for testing different controllers.


  • JP Stringham - Thanks for making the ANE for the Mac side fo things, it's totally awesome and works well.
  • Kyle Pulver - Thanks for giving me a reason to even pursue furthering this. I've had a great time getting this working.


DBAD Public License

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