Connect with other members of the Dash community to trade for Dash.
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Dashous CircleCI

Connect with other members of the Dash community to trade for Dash.

This Repository

Reading further is not needed if you want to use the dashous service. Simply go to to get started.

This repo exists for three main reasons:

  1. Transparency: I want to support the open source community and operate a service without user concerns about how I use their data.
  2. Community Contribution: I want members of the community to help build the features that they desire.
  3. Supporting Altcoins: This repo can be cloned and used for other Altcoins with minimal changes.

Creating an "Issue"

If you have a feature to request or a bug to report, create a new issue.

Check some of the issues that I created for a guide in formatting.


It's expected that contributors have a solid understanding of how Ruby on Rails apps work.

I also use Postgres locally. If you're unfamiliar/rusty with PG setup, I find to be a high-quality resource for setup steps.


Copy the development config file to enable it.

cp config/settings/development.local.yml.example config/settings/development.local.yml

Create an account at and add the user/pass details that mailtrap provides for your mailbox in the new development.local.yml file.


  port: 2525
  authentication: cram_md5

Get a Google Maps Embed API Key Just register with google, get a key, and enter it in.



Setup App:

  1. Install Redis, usually: brew install redis or sudo apt-get install redis-server
  2. Install Gems bundle install
  3. Setup the DB rails db:setup
  4. Setup test DB rails db:test:prepare
  5. Run the app rails s
  6. View local app localhost:3000

Run specs:

I maintain 100% spec coverage on this app and will not accept PRs that diminish the test coverage.

To run specs:


You should see output like this (number of examples will increase over time):


Finished in 25.54 seconds (files took 4.83 seconds to load)
61 examples, 0 failures

Coverage report generated for RSpec to
path/to/dashous/coverage. 1579 / 1579 LOC (100.0%) covered.

Submit Pull Request:

For right now, I don't have any formality to PRs. I'll consider any that are created. I might add more specific requirements later.


Donation Address: Donation Page

Donation Instructions: video