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This is my raspberry pi temperature sensor code.

This includes the backend process ( that collects the temperature and logs it into the sqlite database, -ignore the misspelling tempature.db*-. I am running the backend process with supervisord and redirecting standard out to log folder.

The webserver includes a FLASK app that serves the bootstrap/d3.js/rickshaw front end that shows the current temperature and the 24 trend graph.

You can read about this project at

What's next?

  • Add more temp sensors
  • Insert admin page to name each sensor by room
  • Add each sensor's trend to the graph and show current temps by room
  • Allow the chart to be controlled for time range and y-axis min/max

Long Term

  • Get a wifi enabled thermostat
  • control thermostat with pi
  • create rules base on time/temp in each room