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Quill is going to implement placeholder text natively
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quill-placeholder (deprecated)

A module for use with the quilljs editor that inserts placeholder text into the editor

Quill intends to add a placeholder configuration. As of writing (May 4, 2016) this can be found here.


We assume Quill is defined in the global scope. To load the module, do the following:

  • Include placeholder.js via <script> tag after Quill. The module is loaded by an IIFE so as not to pollute the global scope.
  • When you instantiate your editor, include placeholder in the modules configuration, like so:
var options = {
    modules: {
        placeholder: { text: "Your Placeholder Here", style: { color: '#959595' } }
var editor  = new Quill("#my-editor", options);

If you choose to give the module a name other than placeholder, be sure to initialize it like so:

editor.onModuleLoad('myCustomPlaceholderName', function(placeholder) {

🎉 Tada! 🎉 That's it.


placeholder accepts an options objects with a text key and a style key. The style value should in turn be an object whose keys define the styles that your editor instance can use to decorate the placeholder text.

The text and style values are passed to a call to Quill.prototype.formatText, which you can read about in the Quill API docs here.

By default, the module gives your placeholder text a color of #959595. If you specify your own whitelist of format names on your quill instance, the module will be sure to remove any default stylings that you have not whitelisted.


The current implementation simply prepopulates the editor with styled text, which can make form validation a pain in the rumpus.

One tool I've used for workarounds (and I'm not saying I'm proud of it), is to call the internal isEmpty method from the placeholder module.

isEmpty returns true if the editor has no text or if it contains only the original placeholder text.

Call isEmpty like so:

// editor is your quill instance


Pull requests are welcome. Please help make this better! ♥️


There is an experimental version of quill-placeholder that does not directly populate the editor with text. If you have interest in using it, please create an issue. I will do my best to help you integrate it into your project.