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🍞 react-cooked-bread toasts!

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Small notification windows slide upward into view, like toast popping out of a toaster

Cooked bread (...toast) is a notification popup.


I f*ing love toast, what absolute genius took a bite of bread and was like "cook it again", unreal - Josh

TypeScript, extendability, good options and defaults. We needed an option that made it easy to bring your own component. Use our styles, style them uniquely, or use your own component.

This library is independent of a component library. The only dependencies are Emotion and React Transition Group.

🥐 Install

npm i --save react-cooked-bread

🥖 Usage

View the Quick Start Guide to get toast notifications in your React app within 60 seconds.

🥯 Develop

npm run setup

npm start

🥪 Contributors

Rewritten from react-toast-notifications. Contributions are welcome.

In order to abide by Conventional Commits, please use npm run commit to commit your changes before pushing to your fork and opening a PR. This will use commitizen to prompt for information regarding your changeset.