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Awesome Knowledge Management Awesome

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A curated list of amazingly awesome articles, people, applications, software libraries and projects related to the knowledge management space in general, and in particular Contextualise, the (personal and collaborative) knowledge management application that I am developing.



  • Andy Matuschak - A software engineer, designer and researcher working on technologies that expand what people can think and do.
  • Anne-Laure Le Cunff - The founder of Ness Labs and MSc of Applied Neuroscience candidate.
  • Jack Park - A computer scientist working in the fields of artificial and collective intelligence and co-author of the book XML Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web.



Platforms, Applications and Tools

  • Contextualise - A tool particularly suited for organising information-heavy projects and activities consisting of unstructured and widely diverse data and information resources — structured thought.
  • Roam - A note-taking tool for networked thought.
  • KgBase - A tool to build your own knowledge graphs without writing code.
  • Polar - A knowledge manager for web pages, textbooks, PDFs, to read and study with remotely.
  • Grakn - An enterprise knowledge graph management system designed to scale.
  • Notion - An all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  • TiddlyWiki - A non-linear notebook for capturing, organising and sharing complex information.
  • DMX - The Context Machine
  • Knovigator - A tool to create threads of your best search queries and search results which can subsequently be remixed into blog posts, Twitter threads, and multi dimensional, asynchronous conversation.
  • _Prtcl - A tool that combines the core ideas behind the World Wide Web and Git into the concept of Evolving Entities, or "Evees".
  • Hypothesis - A conversation layer over the entire web based on the annotation standards for digital documents developed by the W3C Web Annotation Working Group.
  • Transno - An outline-based note-taking app with mind-mapping features.
  • The Brain - A notes editor with non-linear file management and powerful graph visualization features.
  • TiddlyRoam - A TiddlyWiki with bi-directional links and graph maps.
  • Gingko - A tool that lets you shape your ideas with lists, outlines and cards.
  • Cotoami - A note-taking application for both personal and collaborative use.
  • notegraph - A tool that provides a way to visually organise information and ideas (not available, yet).
  • IdeaFlow - A human-AI hybrid platform to augment the collective intelligence of groups.
  • Topincs - A topic maps-based 4GL platform for online systems.
  • Org-roam - A Roam replica built on top of the all-powerful Org-mode for Emacs.
  • Graph Commons - A tool that allows you to transform your data into interactive maps and untangle complex relations that impact you and your communities.
  • Stemic - A visual thinking tool that helps understanding.
  • Contexted - A relational note-taking app.
  • Obsidian - Commercial knowledge base software that works on top of a local folder of Markdown files.
  • Trilium Notes - A hierarchical note taking application with a focus on building large personal knowledge bases.
  • Karma - A collaborative mind-mapping tool.
  • Golden - A self-constructing knowledge platform using a combination of artificial and human intelligence.
  • Relanote - A tool that combines both hierarchical and non-hierarchical note-taking with bi-directional linking.
  • Bytebase - An online tool to write, organize and collaborate on notes.
  • Foam - A personal knowledge management and sharing system inspired by Roam Research, built on Visual Studio Code and GitHub.
  • Stroll - A notetaking tool built with the TiddlyWiki platform, imitating a number of features of Roam, including bi-directional links and autocomplete suggestions for linking.
  • Zettlr - "A markdown editor for the 21st century" that supports crosslinking and integrates with Zotero.
  • Semantic MediaWiki - An open-source extension to MediaWiki that that can turn a wiki into a powerful and flexible knowledge management system.
  • mymind - Save notes, bookmarks, web clippings and documents for subsequent automatic categorization.
  • Loopy - A tool that includes simulations and visual programming for thinking in systems.
  • Zotero - A free tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research.
  • Dendron - A local-first, markdown based, hierarchical note-taking application built on top of Visual Studio Code.
  • Supernotes - A productivity-focused collaborative and hierarchical note-taking application.
  • Wiki.js - A self-hosted and highly customizable open source Wiki platform.
  • Gephi - A visualization and exploration application for all kinds of graphs and networks.
  • Logseq - A local-only, non-linear outliner for organizing your personal knowledge base.
  • RemNote - A spaced-repetition powered note-taking tool that lets you structure knowledge exactly in the way you think about it.
  • Hode An editor, search engine and query language for a knowledge hypergraph. Relationships can have any number of members, and those members can be other relationships.
  • Joplin - An open source note taking and to-do application which can handle a large number of notes organized into notebooks. Markdown syntax, end-to-end encryption and syncing with several cloud services.
  • Zim Wiki - A local, Python-based graphical wiki tool that uses the filesystem as a data store.
  • Scrapbox - A knowledge base to create and research in context, including bi-directional linking and rapid outlining.
  • MindMeister - An online mind mapping tool that lets you capture, develop and share ideas visually.
  • bundleIQ - An application to organize your thoughts and collaborate on shared ideas in an AI-powered workspace.
  • Taskade - A task driven real-time collaborative outliner for organizing projects, notes, with integrated video chat.
  • VimWiki - A flexible personal wiki in Vim, including diary features.
  • DEVONThink - A document-management application for macOS and iOS with end-to-end encrypted sync, wikilinks, Markdown syntax, rich text and HTML, AI-assisted quick filing and scripting.
  • Archivy - A self-hosted knowledge repository that allows you to safely preserve useful content that contributes to your knowledge bank.
  • mindlib - A graph based knowledge management tool optimized for mobile use. Easy input via share, URL extraction and (semantic) suggestions from Wikipedia.
  • wreeto - A knowledge management tool specifically targetting software engineers.
  • Kanopi - Web-based personal knowledge management note taking tool.
  • exegesis - A writing app for caputuring and sharing disorganized, non-linear, creative thinking.
  • Apache TinkerPop - A graph computing framework for both graph databases (OLTP) and graph analytic systems (OLAP).
  • Infinity Maps - A knowledge management system to help you organize, structure and share your knowledge.
  • Rekowl - A personal knowledge management system to help you also get better at remembering.
  • Kite - A graph visualization and analysis tool.
  • Outline - A knowledge base for teams.
  • Notejoy - Notetaking for teams.
  • Craft - Structured-content and notetaking platform.

Semantic Web and RDF Ecosystem

  • Apache Jena - Open-source Java framework for building RDF-based semantic web and linked data applications.
  • Eclipse RDF4J - Open-source Java framework for processing and handling RDF data.
  • Ontodia - A JavaScript library to visualize, navigate and explore data in the form of an interactive graph.
  • Stardog - An enterprise knowledge graph platform.
  • metaphacts - An enterprise knowledge graph platform and related tools.
  • LinkedDataHub - Open-source software for low-code knowledge graph management.
  • PoolParty - A semantic technology platform focused on the creation and management of enterprise knowledge graphs.
  • Ontotext - A platform that allows you to organize your information and documents into enterprise knowledge graphs.
  • WebVOWL - A web application for the interactive visualization of ontologies.
  • Franz Inc. - An enterprise knowledge graph platform.
  • Cambridge Semantics - A knowledge management and enterprise analytics platform.
  • Comunica - A knowledge graph querying framework.
  • Protégé - A free, open-source ontology editor for building knowledge-based solutions.
  • RDFLib - A pure Python package for working with RDF.


  • TopicDB - A topic maps-based semantic graph store (using SQLite for persistence).
  • markmap-lib - A combination of Markdown syntax and mindmaps.
  • Smartdown - An authoring technology that simplifies the creation of explorable explanations.
  • NetworkX - A Python package for the creation, manipulation and study of complex networks.
  • JSNetworkX - A JavaScript port of the NetworkX graph library.
  • vis.js - A collection of dynamic browser-based visualization libraries for network graphs, timelines and charts (both 2D and 3D).
  • Sigma - A JavaScript library dedicated to (network) graph drawing.
  • Cytoscape.js - A graph theory (network) library for visualization and analysis.
  • Alchemy.js - A graph drawing application built almost entirely in D3.js.
  • GoJS - A commercial JavaScript and TypeScript library for building interactive diagrams and graphs.
  • Treant.js - A SVG-based JavaScript library for for visualization of tree diagrams.
  • JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit - Provides tools for creating interactive data visualizations for the web.
  • Treeviz - A JavaScript library to represent tree diagrams with the ability to handle dynamic data flows.
  • jsMind - A JavaScript library for mind map visualizations.
  • GraphStream - A Java library for the modeling and analysis of dynamic graphs.
  • JGraphT - A Java library of graph theory data structures and algorithms.
  • Dash Cytoscape - A Dash component library for creating interactive and customizable networks in Python, wrapped around Cytoscape.js.
  • El Grapho - A high performance WebGL graph data visualization engine.
  • Graphviz - An open-source graph visualization library.
  • Argdown - A Visual Studio Code extension (and command-line tool) for argument mapping using a Markdown-like syntax.
  • Splitgraph - A data versioning and management system for PostgreSQL that allows you to merge multiple data sources (and live APIs) and surface them through a single PostgreSQL database.
  • Remarkable Wiki - A lightweight and functional read-only wiki. Supports wiki links. Could be used as web representation of Foam notes. Demo.


Knowledge Graphs in the Wild

Related Awesome-Lists


Up and Coming

  • Hypernote - A text-first, always-ready, two-way-linked online notebook; currently in private beta (last updated: July 12, 2020).
  • Rumin (Beta) - A tool to visually organise online content (last updated: October 18, 2020).
  • Athens - Open-source tool to link thoughts, reference key observations, and network your knowledge using a user-friendly outliner and knowledge graph (last updated: July 26, 2021).
  • Mem - Notetaking with powerful search features (last updated: December 15, 2021).
  • Reflect - Personal knowledge graph (last updated: December 15, 2021).
  • Heptabase - A note-taking tool for visual learning (last updated: January 16, 2022).


A curated list of amazingly awesome articles, people, applications, software libraries and projects related to the knowledge management space








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