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Simple RESTful API generator for Mongoose models using Express
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FacultyAPI creates a simple, RESTful API for MEAN stack apps.


npm install faculty-api or in your package.json "faculty-api":"~0.1.0"

Create a Mongoose model, and export it to your backend app.js.

A basic use case is illustrated below:

var express    = require('express');
var app        = module.exports = express();
var db         = require('./../mongooseModels');
var facultyApi = require('faculty-api');

  app: app,
  urlPrefix: 'api',
  resourceName: 'users',
  collection: db.user

The only non-required option is the URL prefix, which defaults to api if you don't specify one.

In the example above, the URLs established are located at /api/users/:id, and include an additional route, /api/users/schema in case you want access to schema attributes for things like front-end validations.

See the project on npm

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