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A URI Template processor.
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Temple Build Status

A URI Template processor.


Using npm:

npm install temple

To use Temple in the browser, download the client build and include it in your site (5.7k gzipped): temple-min.js.


var Temple = require('temple');

Temple.expand('/search{?q,page}', {q: 'uri templates', page: 1});
//=> /search?q=uri%20templates&page=1
<script src="temple-min.js"></script>

Temple.expand('{/path}', {path: ['user', 'edit', 6346]});
//=> /user/edit/6346

Re-usable Templates

var tmpl = Temple.compile('/users/show{.format}{?user_id,screen_name}');

tmpl({format: 'json', screen_name: 'bretts'});
//=> /users/show.json?screen_name=bretts

tmpl({format: 'xml', user_id: '15459720'});
//=> /users/show.xml?user_id=15459720
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