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Web Developer Assistant

Web Developer Assistant offers tools of convenience to developers.

I am currently salvaging components from Developer Assistant to retool as web applications, potentially integrating into a future webextensions add-on.

The repository may still contain old relics as components are migrated.

Here is where you can find online demos (listing any that have already been migrated, at least to be minimally functional):

(For the old add-on as copied from source control, see the dev-assistant-addon tag, and see PR #1 for some code apparently added after that in the original repository.)


XPath to-dos

  1. Add back load/save buttons (reimplement portions possible of loadsaveutils.js)
  2. Reimplement keyset
  3. Reapply splitter between input/output
  4. Reapply ability to persist width/height, screenX/screenY, and height of splitter
  5. CodeMirror Syntax highlighting for XML source

Regex to-dos

  1. Modernize and i18nize code


Developer Assistant was an add-on for Firefox. It was originally called Extension Developer Extension and was created by Ted Mielczarek, with code contributed by Jesse Ruderman, Cüneyt Yilmaz, Tony Chang, Gavin Sharp, Cesar Oliveira, Nickolay Ponomarev, and Brett Zamir.

With Ted no longer actively maintaining the project, Brett Zamir accepted to take over the project, though changes to date have been minimal.