Overlays Firefox's file built-in browser with additional functionality
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Firefox add-on to overlay Firefox's built-in desktop browser with additional functionality.

Currently is limited to:

  1. Placing the current directory as a native path within a textbox (instead of showing the file: path as text).
  2. Rather than needing to copy or change the file path within the browser's location bar, one may also copy-paste or change the native path within the page-internal textbox (which is capable of path autocomplete). One may also use a native folder selector to bring Firefox's desktop to the desired folder.
  3. Adds a folder icon which can be clicked to reveal the current directory on the native OS desktop (e.g., open the currently browsed directory within Windows Explorer). A folder icon with the same functionality is also present on the add-on bar when browsing to a file: URL (e.g., when viewing a .txt file in Firefox), allowing one to jump to the containing folder on one's desktop.
  4. When a file:// URL is loaded in the tab, provide a "Copy path" item in the add-on bar which, when clicked, copies the file's (or directory's) native path, or when right-clicked, copies the file's (or directory's) parent folder path.
  5. When a file:// URL is right-clicked, a context menu item is displayed which can:
    1. ...copy the native path of the directory or file to the clipboard.
    2. ...reveal the file
    3. ...execute (launch) the file (Windows only?)
  6. Modifies the default styling of folder views in Firefox to remove the large top empty space
  7. Clicking on a column causes sort order to be remembered in URL and in subsequent clicks

Usage scenarios

  1. Use with atyourcommand to allow browsed files to be right-clicked to run on the command line (included with saved or run-time prompted) args
  2. Make bookmarks pointing to local folders or files (including within a bookmarks folder on your toolbar (which can serve as a hotlist of your favorite folders) and/or define keywords for them, optionally allowing for arguments via %s in the path so that you can type say "home myDirectory" to open a view of the local folder within Firefox). Then use right click to execute files, copy paths, etc.

Higher-priority todos

  1. Make application of stylesheet customizable

Possible Todos

  1. Make npm/bower/Git context menus available on right-clicked file:// path directories
  2. Make australis/toolbar icon to support pull-down of paths which can be invoked by keyword command but also can be directly visited without the %s variable.
    1. Right-click file/folder to add to hotlist
    2. Allow location bar to use shortcuts or the like to invoke files?
  3. Utilize page selection context menu (shown if current file is file:// based) instead of add-on bar icons to allow "copy path" and "reveal" (and plain launch, also added to add-on bar?) on current item (and if the current document had been opened by WebAppFind, ensure its source document path is copied, revealed, or relaunched instead of the web app? if not opened by WebAppFind, allow launch in WebAppFind so that, e.g., an opened text file can be launched to be made editable).
    1. Split this functionality (along with context menus on file:// links) into one, two, or three different add-ons?
    2. Reference https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/local-filesystem-links/ and support its ability to launch (as well as reveal and copy native path of file://?) for items found in the clipboard (albeit potentially with arguments (saved or prompted) in conjunction with atyourcommand)?
    3. Prompt for WebAppFind options not only in the file browser but also on right-click on the file icon or equivalent)
  4. Integrate or replace built-in desktop browser in a better way: Utilize info at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18312461/code-responsible-for-browsing-firefoxs-desktop or that also posted at http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2740643 ?
  5. Allow (power) sticky notes to be associated (as hidden files within the directory) to be displayed as an overlay when browsing files (as with a browser add-on and hopefully for a browser-in-browser); some stickies can be file-specific meta-data or folder-specific; scrollable all as one file or as stickies, whether local or remote (see below)
  6. Links leading from file:// folders to other data sources like bookmarks, tab groups, remote databases, etc., even if not stored as files on disk (WebDav, Gopher, FTP, etc.? and including browsing through service discovery for files filtered to desired types), thereby allowing sticky notes associated with them; one doesn't HAVE to store the stickies within the same folder (or even a real folder at all), but it makes it easier to discover them in different ways--unless not possible (as with WebDav not under one's control, etc.); however, should allow storing of stickies in abstract way so get saved at same level of database, etc., if database allows this
  7. Integrate with "Desktop" FF addon if his were to use iframes.
  8. Integrate with Command line (e.g., as attempted in the AsYouWish demo).
  9. WebAppFind
    1. Incorporate WebAppFind functionality upon right-click (including proposed dialog to prompt user for details like method at run time); including right-click of current-page add-on bar icon or page context menu
    2. Add right-click features, working with WebAppFind where possible for greater type-aware possibilities (e.g., when creating a file, one could create a bare file of the desired type)
      1. Change opening of file (rather than FF's download), alias, or directory to work with WebAppFind
      2. Allow creation of file, directory or alias (to file or directory) or zip
      3. Allow renaming (or moving) of a file, directory or alias
      4. Allow deleting of a file, directory or alias
      5. Ideally allow copy or cut-and-paste of files/directories (and drag-and-drop for relevant viewing modes)
      6. Support open Git GUI/bash/create repo here, edit in Notepad++, etc., open with, send to, properties, folder permissions
    3. Allow additional options for opening or editing file in web app (e.g., saving hard-coded web apps for a given file), working with WebAppFind and Executable Builder (once the latter is complete)
    4. Consider launching AsYouWish apps for integrated command-line or add-on-like behavior (including via file-path-aware right-click).
    5. When user default handlers or right-clicking to "Open with...", Filebrowser Enhanced could be more sophisticated than the file extension-using WebAppFind desktop executables in that it could avoid applying defaults or showing "Open with..." options if the particular detected file type was not relevant (e.g., don't show "edit mytype").
  10. Add meta-data columns (at least "permissions" appears available)
  11. Add file search (through js-ctypes?)
  12. Ensure reading files in file browser with new Node-friendly API so can also reuse code on server or even for HTML Ajax browsing of file sources?)
  13. Re: feature for addon bar icon revealing path of a loaded file, have options to map websites this way also, esp. ; have option to automatically handle click-to-expose-path if loaded through WebAppFind (since we know where the path originated)
  14. Ability to handle multiple files on right-click (unlike what seems readily possibly in Windows through Open With... mechanism)
  15. Any overlap with https://github.com/FunkMonkey/Loomo?
  16. Add "Open with" transparently from Windows (though could make WebAppFind filetypes.json aware)
  17. Experiment with 3d WebGL rendering