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Provide a more "functional view" of blueprints graphs
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Provide "functional view" of a Graph.


Two goals:

  • Instead of allowing arbitrary modification of the graph, we want to restrict this to versioned subsets.

  • We want to give a "consistent" view on the graph, while avoiding global write locks.

Versioned Subsets

Each subset is assigned an ID and version. Multiple versions of the same ID will co-exist in the graph. Until the subset is committed it is not visible in the graph. Once committed to the graph, a subset can no longer be modified. Instead, a new version for the same ID should be created and appended to the graph.

Consistent Views

Want want to modify our graph and maintain a consistent view of it. Consistency here means that we can get a 'snapshot view' of the graph at a certain time. All modifications done to the graph after this time are not visibile to the view. A view is a bit like a lock, it prevents old versions from being garbage collected. So you need to actively release() the view, or you can refresh() it to some newer timestamp.


TODO update the stuff below

We view a graph as the union of subgraphs.

The only way to modify the graph is through the adding, updating or removal of subgraphs.

Subgraphs are identified using an id (String) and a version (long).

Subgraphs are versioned and traversals always find the latest version of a subgraph.

Vertices created by a subgraph are owned by the subgraph. Another subgraph cannot create a vertex with the same ID.

When we create a vertex with id=V and properties P in the subgraph we actually create two vertices:

  • one vertex S called the "symbol", which has id=V and no properties. this symbol vertex is also marked as belonging to the graph

  • another vertex K, which holds all the properties P and has id=(V, subgraph.version)

  • we create and edge between S and K indication that K is a version of S.

Edges created in the subgraph always run between a versioned node and a symbol node.

All the elements from a subgraph are tagged as belonging to the subgraph.

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