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Copyright (c) 2010-2018 Ing. Hubert HANGHOFER, Licensed under the GPL (see sources)

This is the lua version of as used as lua-module on

Sources are available from the repositories at

Purpose and Usage

MolCalc is a stoichiometric parser. It translates chemical element symbols to their corresponding atomic weights and enables simple arithmetic calculations. For example, to calculate the percentage of Aluminium in Aluminiumsulfate-Hexadecahydrate, you could enter:


The converted input is returned along with the result, so that you can check if the calculation was done according to your expectations. MolCalc checks for bracketing (parenthesis) and symbol errors but doesn't detect, if a chemical formula is valid or your computations make sense.

molcalc.lua is a module containing the parser function as used on in a WSAPI-fastcgi environment.

If you need a version for your desktop, you could try the python code or download the packages or windows binaries derived thereof from: