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Takeoff Logo

A smooth landing page to help your app take off!


A demo speaks a thousand words.


Getting Started

Download the repository and have a look at the examples. If you get stuck, refer back to these examples.

Elements with an id or class beginning with takeoff__ has a function within Takeoff. You may add additional classes but do not change or remove the takeoff__ ID/class.


The landing page is made up of a header and/or footer, and a series of slides. Every slide has three blocks - the screens, the texts, the decorations.


The header and footer will stay in place, but the slides can be changed with up/down scroll, keyboard and swipe.


The look of your page is determined by the theme, which is just a CSS file on top of the base CSS. Use this to position and scale your decorations. In the examples, the theme files are named after the theme's name.


We have created a barebone template to help you get started - it contains no content but many comments to guide you along.

  1. Add in your title, favicons, theme CSS, header and footer

  2. Add your screens, text blocks and decoration blocks. Make sure the quantity of blocks of each type is the same.

  3. Download and include the EventEmitter.min.js,lethargy.min.js, smartscroll.min.js, takeoff.min.js (in that order) before the </body> closing tag and initiate the plugin.

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src="/js/takeoff.min.js"></script>

You may wish to combine and minify the .js files into one file. Just be sure to keep the load order described above.

  1. Initiate and take off!

      $(function() {
          changingBackground: true,
          slideDuration: 700

You can pass an options object into $.takeoff(); the properties are detailed in the following section.


Takeoff can subtly change the background colour of your page between different slides. Set the changingBackground option to true and add a data-tf-background-color to every .takeoff__backgroundBlock element. .takeoff__backgroundBlock blocks without a data-tf-background-color attribute will have a white (#ffffff) background.

<section class="takeoff__backgroundBlock" data-tf-background-color="#ff556b">
    Section 1

The duration of the slide animation, in miliseconds (ms).

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