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@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+puts "How many useless tasks do you need?"
+amount = Integer(gets) rescue 1
+VERBS = %w{abstract adapt analyze architect clone compress conform connect correct design detect develop engineer maintain measure migrate mitigate perfect propagate refactor refine replicate restructure study survey test transform}
+ADJECTIVES = %w{adaptive agile alternative client compatible complex corrective dynamic effeciency experimental fragile inconsistent object-oriented preliminary regressive reliable reusable robust specialized statistical testable traceable}
+NOUNS = %w{analysis artifacts assets benchmarks component connectors designs development effort features interface latency maintenance model paradigm pattern scope software syntax tests threshold version work}
+amount.times do
+ puts [VERBS.sample.capitalize, ADJECTIVES.sample.capitalize, NOUNS.sample.capitalize] * ' '

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