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Before we begin...
1) This release (v2.26) has been tested on Weewx version 4.0.0 on Ubuntu linux 16.04 LTS and Python 3.6.
Versions of Weewx before v3 will not work. The earlier release v2.01 is on github and works with Weewx 2.4 - 2.7.
2) This has been tested on sqlite databases. Mysql and any other Weewx supported databases should work too.
Installation - The easy way
1) Get hold of the release archive from github:
2) Install it using the Weewx extension installer.
a) If you used the Debian installer:
sudo wee_extension --install=[wherever you've put the .tar.gz archive]
b) If you have installed weewx yourself:
cd /home/weewx [or where your base install is]
bin/wee_extension --install=[wherever you've put the .tar.gz archive]
The installer will ask if you want to switch the themes to another language. You can change this later on
via the [Language] section in skins/Bootstrap/skin.conf and skins/Images/skin.conf.
Web content is stored in public_html/Bootstrap.
3) Set the page title and page footer through the [BootstrapLabels] section in skins/Bootstrap/skin.conf.
# Labels specific to the Bootstrap template
title = "The weather, [where you are]"
location_href = ["#" for nothing, or a hyperlink to some more information on your location]
footer = "© [who you are]"
4) Enjoy.... And let us know how you get on!
Just drop us an email at and we'll add you to the list of happy sites at
Frequently Asked Questions
1) I've installed the new skin but I only see the original Weewx pages.
This template does not overwrite any existing templates which are generated in weewx.conf. For a new Weewwx
installation, both the standard Weewx and the Bootstrap reports will be generated:
Standard template: http://[wherever your site is]
Bootstrap template: http://[wherever your site is]/Bootstrap
If you no longer want to generate the standard weewx template, comment out this section in weewx.conf:
# [[StandardReport]]
# skin = Standard
Remember to leave in the [[SmallImages]], [[BigImages]] and [[HTMLPages]] sections which generate the
Bootstrap template content.
2) I've changed the units in skin.conf, but the original units persist on the webpage. [Pre weewx 4.0.0]
The skin has two skin.conf files:
skins/Bootstrap/skin.conf - This creates the gauges and the html files.
skins/Images/skin.conf - This creates the (daily, weekly, ...) history graphs.
Make sure you've changed the units in both files.
The reason for splitting the config files out is Images/skin.conf is run twice. Once to create the images for the
webpage, and a second time for the expanded images which are shown when clicking on the webpage history graph.
3) Text in graphs looks very small
Make sure you have fonts installed that support truetype scaling:
apt-get install ttf-freefont
Installation - The involved way
Step 1 - Download from github:
To get the latest development code:
git clone git://
To get the latest stable(ish) release, point your browser here:
Move,, historyengine,py and into the bin/user directory.
Move the Bootstrap and Images directory into the skins directory.
Move any language specific files you want into skins/languages.
Step 2 - Add the skins to weewx.conf
The [StdReport] section will need to look something like this:
# This section specifies what reports, using which skins, to generate.
# Where the skins reside, relative to WEEWX_ROOT:
SKIN_ROOT = skins
# Where the generated reports should go, relative to WEEWX_ROOT:
HTML_ROOT = public_html
# These are the images used on the front page of the website.
# Dimensions are set in the Images/skin.conf file
skin = Images
HTML_ROOT = public_html/Bootstrap
# These images are used when a small web page image is clicked on.
# So the skin.conf image_width and image_height are overridden here.
skin = Images
HTML_ROOT = public_html/Bootstrap/big_images/
image_width = 800
image_height = 500
# This generates the webpages themselves.
skin = Bootstrap
HTML_ROOT = public_html/Bootstrap
skin = Ftp
skin = Rsync
Step 3 - Add Bootstrap support files to your website
Add these files to weewx/public_html/js:
and this one to weewx/public_html/css:
You can use the wget command to download these:
Step 4 - (Optional) Display skins in another language
Just choose your language using the "language" setting in the [Languages] section of skin.conf.
Remember to make changes to both skins/Bootstrap/skin.conf (for the html text) and skins/Images/skin.conf (for
the graphs).
Step 5 - Get in touch!
If you enjoy using this Weewx customisation then we'd love to hear from you.
Just drop us an email at and we'll add you to the list of happy sites on
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