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Cucumber testing framework for Drupal

This is a little framework I wrote to write front-end tests using Cucumber. There are some basic functions you can use to test Drupal on. I'll polish documentation later on.


If you want to know what cucumber and this framework exactly does with a drupal site, then check out this video.


You must have Ruby and Rubygems installed. Use RVM to install it. You'll need FireFox and bundler:


$ bundle install

Drop me a message if you encounter errors (Email below).

Very important: You must enable the cucumber helper module. You can find it here. This creates one user per role. The credentials (for debugging) are "cucumber_[rolename]" for username and password. A user based on the role editor will have the credentials cucumber_editor/cucumber_editor. This module will give the active iframe an ID, so that cucumber can execute the "within_frame" method.

Without this module, default drupal overlays will not be testable.


Copy the tasks/settings.rb.example file over to tasks/settings.rb and edit the follow:

  • DRUPAL_BASE_PATH: the URL to your drupal installation (e.g localhost/yourapp or
  • DRUPAL_DRIVER: the driver used to test the app. Only supported driver for now is Selenium (and is most tested solution)

Execute tests

Go to the root of this repo and type "rake test:run". This will automatically trigger the tests to run.

On top of that, you can decide which tests using tags. If you want to run a suite that only tests the features tagged with @node you can do as described below:

  • rake test:run include=node

Separate tags with commas:

  • rake test:run include=foo,bar,baz exclude=bonzo,yadda_yadda


info at heartdriven dotcom

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