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configure multiple wine paths globally to allow easily selection in prefixes #23

bfx81 opened this issue Feb 5, 2013 · 14 comments


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@bfx81 bfx81 commented Feb 5, 2013

It's common practise to tie a particular games/application to a specified wine version. Sometimes find the right configuration it's a very time consuming task.
Q4Wine really helps having all you need under your fingers, but when you need to try different wine versions you have to manually update 4 paths.

I think that could be very useful if the user can configure these paths once grouping them in a "name/version" of his choice. In this way a prefix can select a specific wine version simply selecting it from a list.

I hope this suggestion could be useful for all user of this tremendous useful app!
Tnx in advance.

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@brezerk brezerk commented Feb 5, 2013

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for a feature request.

I am not sure how you imagine grouping by a "name/version"? Do you mean that you request separate interface which allow to create such relations?

i.e. firstly you will need to manually configure versions params:

    |_ libs   : /usr/bin/wine
    |_ server : /usr/bin/wineserver
    |_ loader : /usr/bin/wine
    |_ binary : /usr/lib64/wine/
    |_ libs   : /usr/local/wine-1.3/bin/wine
    |_ server : /usr/local/wine-1.3/bin/wineserver
    |_ loader : /usr/local/wine-1.3/bin/wine
    |_ binary : /usr/local/wine-1.3/lib64/wine/
    |_ libs   : /usr/local/wine-2.2/bin/wine
    |_ server : /usr/local/wine-2.2/bin/wineserver
    |_ loader : /usr/local/wine-2.2/bin/wine
    |_ binary : /usr/local/wine-2.2/lib64/wine/

and then in prefix settings you will be able to select pre configured wine version, or enter path manually?

wine params:
[x] use existing configuration:
     [                          wine-1.2 \/ ] [+]  <--- drop down list, [+] will allow to add\edit wine versions.
[ ] custom paths:
    libs   :  [                                 ] 
    server :  [                                 ] 
    loader :  [                                 ] 
    binary :  [                                 ] 
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@bfx81 bfx81 commented Feb 6, 2013

Yes Alexey, you totally got it! Even if I'll simplify the things in prefix settings for a couple of reasons... tell me if that sounds good;

  • we already have a default in "Options > General" right? so this default could be "migrated" in the new data structure you nicely showed :p
  • we used the custom paths to override this default

Given that, in my opinion, we don't need nothing more than the dropdownlist:

  • want the default > select an empty or a "Default" item
  • want a specific version > select a version configuration

Indeed, moving to use exclusively a configuration allows to:

  • show consistently this information in the prefixes tab (like the architecture) giving a quick overview to the user
  • have a more simple and intuitive prefix settings (with probably no tabs needed anymore..)

Very last thing... I'll let the user to set a configuration as default. I give you the idea of the class I'm thinking

WineConf {
//mutually exclusive with the other WineConf
@ghost ghost assigned brezerk Feb 6, 2013
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@brezerk brezerk commented Feb 6, 2013

Ok. Nice idea, i like it. Thanks.

Tagged it for 1.1 release.

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@bfx81 bfx81 commented Feb 11, 2013

Thanks to you!

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@brezerk brezerk commented Feb 25, 2013


For now user will not be able to edit wine settings directly from prefix settings dialogue.
However, old settings will be stored, still used and they will have advantage over "Version" redefine.
The only way to prevent this -> clear settings with "X" button.

This will not broke existing users setup, but will lightly force users to use new wine version model.

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@brezerk brezerk commented Mar 25, 2013

Version manager dialog:


Used for adding, removing and editing versions.

Available from:

  1. Menu: tools -> Version manager;
  2. Toolbar button on Prefixes tab;
  3. By clicking "Add" in Prefix Settings dialog;
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@bfx81 bfx81 commented Mar 25, 2013

Hi Alexey, really (real really!) thanks for your work!
Hope to not be too fussy giving you some more feedback... there's a couple of things that I don't understand:

  1. I can leave blanks path while configuring a wine version?
  2. The "Default" version is editable or is "pointer" to the wine installed and managed by the system/distro?

Giving that I think we need to distinct the actual meaning of a "default" wine version in this two different things:

  • "default" - the favorite wine version selected by the user
  • "system" - the currently installed wine version that would be equivalent to launch "wine" from command-line
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@brezerk brezerk commented Mar 25, 2013

Feedback is a good way to improve software :)

I can leave blanks path while configuring a wine version?

Correct. If you do so, then Default prefix paths will be used.

The "Default" version is editable or is "pointer" to the wine installed and managed by the system/distro?

Well... When you firstly run q4wine, startup wizard will detect system's wine paths and will prompt you to change them if you wish so:

Lately defaults can be changed at q4wine settings dialogue:

So I guess usually correct meaning for "Default" prefix is a "System" wine paths.
Do you think it is good idea to rename it to "System"?

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@bfx81 bfx81 commented Mar 25, 2013

Yes, probably "System" could avoid some misunderstanding.
Regarding to leave blanks path while configuring a wine version, I'm not sure if could be useful.
If I'm creating a wine version it's because I already want to override some sort of default values... so I don't see the point to allow user to set an "empty-override" of a thing.
I think that could be easier, from a developer point of view, to just get the values (without needing other behaviour if they're empty) and for the user with a stick and clear thing to do..

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@bfx81 bfx81 commented Mar 25, 2013

A side-note of having "system" instead of "default" is to offer this choice to the user, so (for the next release :p):

  1. In "Wine Version Manager": allow the user to set one version/configuration as "The Default One"
  2. In "Prefix settings": the combo-box could be something like:
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@brezerk brezerk commented Mar 26, 2013

Okay. I got your point. Thanks.

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@brezerk brezerk commented Jun 9, 2013


Sorry it took much more time and affect much more code than I expected ;)

This commit will add desired feature: b88ddcb

Note, it is still experimental. So it will be really nice if you will find some free time to play around, find some bugs ;) and submit your feedback.

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@bfx81 bfx81 commented Jul 6, 2013

I've no forgotten this... sorry, I'll try asap!

@brezerk brezerk closed this Nov 10, 2013
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@mdeguzis mdeguzis commented Nov 19, 2016

Sorry to necro bump, but while it's nice to setup the versions in the wine manager, I don't see why the application can't reach out to WineHQ and download the binary, put it in a directory, etc.

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