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Visual hash of an image.
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Image Hash

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Hash an image based on what it looks like, Image Hash is intended to be used for identifying duplicate images. Currently supports JPEG and PNG image formats.


I have a lot of reaction images and pictures saved from Reddit/4Chan etc. When it's time to do a spring clean of my files I like to delete duplicate images. And that's how this project was born.

Example Usage

To get the hash of an image run:

$ image-hash /path/to/picture.jpg

You can hash multiple images as well:

$ image-hash cat.jpg house.jpg

Pass the -v flag to get the image paths as well as their hashes:

$ image-hash -v cat.jpg house.jpg
cat.jpg   fe1d10cc65aa0bad
house.jpg 15496b40ebe0fc82

You can also read images from stdin such as:

$ ls *.jpg | image-hash -v
cat.jpg fe1d10cc65aa0bad
house.jpg 15496b40ebe0fc82


With a set up Go environment simply:

go install

Command line flags

-b, -bitdepth =DEPTH

The bitdepth represents the image bitdepth to rescale to. Images are converted from colour to bitdepth grayscale. Defaults to 5.

-hl, -hashlength =LENGTH

The length of image hashes in bytes. When reducing the length of a hash, extra bytes are bitwise XORed into the hash. Defaults to 8.

-j, -jobs = MAXJOBS

The maximum number of hashing jobs to run in parallel. Must be at least 1 and no more than 128. Defaults to the number of CPU cores on the machine as provided by golang's runtime.NumCPU().

-l, -log

Passing this flag writes error messages to stderr when image-hash fails to hash an image. By default failed images are silently ignored.

-s, -size =SIZE

The target image size in pixels when rescaling images. All images are rescaled to have a width of size. Images keep their aspect ratio and so may have differing heights, but all images are rescaled to the same width. Defaults to 4.

-v, -verbose

Print the image paths as well as their hashes.


Image Hash depends on nfnt/resize which requires at least Go 1.1.

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