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Run large collections of programs in their own sandboxed docker container against test suites.

Supported languages

Inbuilt support for the following languages:

  • C
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby


A template is just an ERB template that wraps a solution. It has the path:


For example a factorial template for a Javascript problem with the string id factorial would have the path templates/javascript/factorial.js.erb.

The solution is inserted where <%= @solution %> is placed in the template. When writing test cases, in order to score a solution automatically print to stdout either '<%= @id %> test passed' for a successfully passed test, or '<%= @id %> test failed' for a failed test, one per line. After the solution is run the total number of passed and failed tests will be stored in the results file. The @id variable is a random 30 digit integer generated for each solution.

Shorthand methods for printing the test passed and failed messages are available. Insert <%= @pass %> alone to print a test passed message and <%= fail %> to print a test failed message.

Here is an example factorial.js.erb:

<%= @solution %>

if (factorial(6) === 720) {
    <%= pass %>
} else {
    <%= fail %>
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