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bkSQL will help you and save your time by auto-backuping your remote DataBases


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bkSQL will auto-backup your remote DataBases.

Getting Started

This is a NetBeans IDE 8.2 - Java project, for Windows users.

bkSQL will create backup configurations for you to manually or automatically backup your remote DataBases.
It uses MySQLDump, .bat files (converted to .exe, for security reasons), .xml, and more.

You need to enter some info, like Host, User, Password, DB to backup, the Path to save backup files and Loggedin User Password (Optional). You can easily configure a Schedule to auto-backup, setting up the time/hour and "repeat rate".

You can visualize and delete specific backup configuration or delete all.


If you want to contribute with bkSQL, you can do that by developing your own idea, or a task from the Tasks project. We suggest you to read the CONTRIBUTING file and the CODE_OF_CONDUCT file.

Thank you!


 NetBeans 8.2 IDE

 JDK 1.8

 JRE 1.8^


 Inno Setup Compiler


How to open bkSQL as NetBeans project and code it.

Installing Java

Download JDK 1.8 and JRE 1.8^, than open the installer and follow the on-screen steps.

Installing NetBeans

Download and run the NetBeans installer and follow the displayed steps.

NetBeans project

After installing JDK, JRE, NetBeans and after cloning bkSQL, open up NetBeans, click on File -> Open Project -> (Go to the folder were bkSQL is located and click on it) -> Open Project.


How to compile bkSQL.

We recommend you to read the LICENSE before compiling.

Building .jar

Open bkSQL on NetBeans than click on "Clean and Build Project".

Building .exe

Open Launch4j and select the buildConf_bkSQL.xml file on /bin/. Then, click on "Build wrapper".

Building Installer / Setup

Open Inno Setup Compiler and select the bkSQL.iss file on /bin/. Then, click on "Compile".

Error codes

If you're getting any errors, take a look at the Error Codes Wiki page for details



This project is licensed under the RECEX SHARED SOURCE LICENSE (1.0) - read the LICENSE file for details