Simple script for scraping yosemite campgrounds!
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Campsite Availability Scraping

This is a simple script for scraping availability of campgrounds! The api doesn't reveal campsite availability, so this script spoofs a session through their search portal to allow programmatic polling of campsite availability.

It's currently hardcoded for yosemite, but with a bit of network sniffing you can reconfigure for other national parks.

Sample Output

List of campsites with availabilities on queried dates + links.

UPPER PINES, Booking Url:
LOWER PINES, Booking Url:
NORTH PINES, Booking Url:


Install requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Use: python --start_date 2015-04-24 --end_date 2015-04-25

Best use is to set a crontab on a ~5 minute interval (I've found that a 10-minute interval is too long because the campsites will be taken by the time I'm able to act on the alert). demos a simple bash script wrapping the python script and opening a text file if results are found that could be set up to be triggered through cron.

Searching for parks other than Yosemite

Get LOCATION_PAYLOAD request data

  • Use your preferred proxy or network analyzer to capture requests (Charles Proxy, Wireshark, etc)
  • Visit in your browser
  • Enter target park name - click the park in the prefilled Auto-suggest dropdown that appears
  • Find logs for the POST request to
  • Copy the REQUEST body params as JSON into the LOCATION_PAYLOAD dict in
  • (keep the search results page open and continue to next section)

Whitelist campsites by id in PARKS dict

  • From the list of campgrounds and attractions listed in the results for your park, choose the campgrounds you'd like to stay at
  • For each campground you choose, copy the campground's link URL
  • Grab the parkId URL param and add it as a key to the PARKS dict in, the value should be a human readable campground name.