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Customize the auto-generated sitemaps in Camaleon CMS
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Camaleon Sitemap Customizer

Camaleon CMS automatically generates sitemaps for all content of your site. This plugin allows you to select content to omit from the sitemap. You may wish to do this for a variety of reasons:

  • Keep search engines from indexing pages that are not relevant to the general public.
  • Keep search engines from indexing summary pages that only contain duplicate content.
  • Remove redundant entries. (ex. – '', '')

This plugin also comes with an optional sitemap template that includes caching to speed up rendering.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'camaleon_sitemap_customizer'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install camaleon_sitemap_customizer


Use the site settings (/admin/plugins/camaleon_sitemap_customizer/settings) to:

  • Select content types to exclude completely (individual posts and list pages).
  • Select content types for which to exclude list pages only. For example, if you have a content type called 'Podcast', this option would allow you to exclude '' (the page listing all posts of type 'Podcast') without excluding the pages for each individual post.
  • Select categories for which to exclude list pages, same as above.
  • Exclude all tag list pages.
  • Exclude post url for page designated as the homepage. For example, if you have a page called '/index' that you have set as your homepage in the site settings, the sitemap will list the same page at '' and ''. This option allows you to avoid the duplicate listing.
  • Choose whether to use the included sitemap template, which includes caching to speed up rendering.

This plugin also adds an option to each post for exclusion from the sitemap. This is accessible via the regular post editor, rather than in the plugin settings.

About sitemap caching

The default sitemaps in Camaleon render very slowly due to the many database queries required for them to be accurate. This may not be noticeable on small sites, but large ones can sometimes take several seconds to render. This can be sped up with caching, but Camaleon's Front Cache plugin does not render XML.

This plugin offers an XML builder template that uses Russian doll caching to speed up rendering. It can be enabled on the settings page.

If you wish to make changes to the included template:

  1. Disable the caching option in the plugin settings.
  2. Copy the included app/views/camaleon_cms/default_theme/sitemap_with_caching.xml.builder into your app's app/apps/themes/your_theme/views/sitemap.xml.builder and make your changes. Camaleon will use the sitemap.xml.builder file in your theme directory by default.




The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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