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A complete Node based web stack scaffold and development toolkit.

Welcome to the expressBuilder wiki!

Introducing the first official NEMM web bundle. The NEMM stack is based on Node.js server, Express.js framework, MongoDB and Mongoose ODM. It's similar to the "mean" stack, just one step decoupled with a well known tasker, with some imperative tasks tailored more towards small business, to enterprise level web specific development, and with a whole lot of scalability!

expressBuilder is a toolkit which will help achieve a very rapid web application infrastructure which is both scalable and immediately usable. It's greatest use case is that is it for using using as the ground-level engineering scaffold for a new product. Its greatest feature is the Live Reload / Nodemon (node monitor) automatic watch capability.

This builder uses Gulp as it's task runner, and is pretty much an integral part. of the application. It incorporates many open- source repositories most of which are related to compiling your source to build using tasks such as linting, minifying, uglifying, compression and the like. There is one brilliant task that fires up a live-reload server, and a file watcher, so that you can begin to live-edit immediately on your source files. Once you save the file, watch them automatically reload in multiple browsers as soon as they are compiled. This feature alone should greatly expedite responsive development.

The vendor tasks include a working sass, bootstrap and jQuery implementation. Add more / change as you like by copying ane of the Gulp compile-vendors task examples, then add an entry to get it loaded on your client-side view template (e.g. script / src tag).

Measures have been taken to avoid having to use bower, grunt, and the like in order to keep things simple. For example, at the time of this writing, the bootstrap-sass docs don't yet have documented a way to implement this straight into gulp, and others who have, used bower. This would be pointless to add bower simply to get npm modules into a directory. The vendor specific Gulp tasks will guide you on how to accomplish this.

A word on the web application which is the actual output of this build: This is is a standard JavaScript / HTML5 specification client-side web UI, using a node.js back-end. The middle-ware of this web application is not just static templates, it contains an API web service (see controllers), and a CRUD which acts on the API layer. These are there to help fast-track your development, as a full-suite. If you don't need any of these things, they can replaced with what you need with minimal adjustments.

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