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Brian2 is an improved and partly rewritten version of Brian, the spiking neural network simulator (see It is currently in a beta state, ready for testing.
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Prevent cython race condition.
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brian2 Make multiprocess_safe a preference.
dev Remove a reference to "brian" (as opposed to brian2) n the setversion…
docs_sphinx Add a short note to the documentation about interfacing with external…
examples Merge pull request #465 from brian-team/standalone_customization
tutorials Make the title at the beginning of the tutorial a separate cell (we'l…
.coveragerc Exclude Sphinx extension from test coverage measurements
.gitattributes Add a .gitattributes file
.gitignore Added tutorial on neurons
.gitmodules Use the https instead of ssh url for the submodule
.travis.yml Install sphinxcontrib-issuetracker when testing the building of the d…
.travis_long.yml Add a travis file for long testing
LICENSE Normalize all the line endings Include everything needed to build the documentation (including examp…
README.rst Add a badge for the gitter chat room to the readme file
appveyor.yml Install py-cpuinfo for native-mode in standalone Switch to setuptools, enable nosetests and sphinx
rtd-requirements.txt Bump up the required sympy version
setup.cfg Switch to setuptools, enable nosetests and sphinx Set the license to CeCill in (it is now included in the list…



A clock-driven simulator for spiking neural networks

Brian2 is currently under development and meant to replace Brian, the spiking neural network simulator. We currently consider this software to be in the beta status, please report issues at the github issue tracker ( or at the brian-development mailing list (

Documentation for Brian2 can be found at

Brian2 is released under the terms of the CeCILL 2.1 license. Join the chat at

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