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Brian 2 is primarily developed by Marcel Stimberg, Dan Goodman, and Romain Brette.
Full list of code and documentation contributors, ordered by the time of their
first commit. See the release notes for acknowledgements of further
contributions in the form of bug reports, testing, suggestions, etc.
Dan Goodman (@thesamovar)
Marcel Stimberg (@mstimberg)
Romain Brette (@romainbrette)
Cyrille Rossant (@rossant)
Victor Benichoux (@victorbenichoux)
Pierre Yger (@yger)
Werner Beroux (@wernight)
Konrad Wartke (@Kwartke)
Daniel Bliss (@dabliss)
Jan-Hendrik Schleimer (@ttxtea)
Moritz Augustin (@moritzaugustin)
Romain Cazé (@rcaze)
Dominik Krzemiński (@dokato)
Martino Sorbaro (@martinosorb)
Benjamin Evans (@bdevans)
Meng Dong (@whenov)
Alex Seeholzer (@flinz)
Daan Sprenkels (@dsprenkels)
Edward Betts (@EdwardBetts)
Thomas McColgan (@phreeza)
Charlee Fletterman (@CharleeSF)
Mihir Vaidya (@MihirVaidya94)
Teo Stocco (@zifeo)
Dylan Richard Muir (@DylanMuir)
Adrien F. Vincent (@afvincent)
Kapil Kumar (@kapilkd13)
Matthieu Recugnat (@matrec4)
Paul Brodersen (@paulbrodersen)
Guillaume Dumas (@deep-introspection)
Aleksandra Teska (@alTeska)
Vigneswaran Chandrasekaran (@Vigneswaran-Chandrasekaran)
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