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Releases: brian112358/nevermore-miner

Nevermore v0.2.3

17 May 06:03
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  • Added pool latency (ping in milliseconds) to share output info. e. g:

accepted: 1/1 (diff 0.046, ping 31 ms), 20.26 MH/s yes!

  • Migrated dev pool server from defunct ThreeEyed pool. Please upgrade if you're using 0.2.2 or lower. The stratum forward from ThreeEyed will be shut off soon, which will cause older versions of Nevermore to stall when connecting to dev pool.

Nevermore v0.2.2

05 Apr 15:54
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  • Fixed issue preventing miner from submitting shares when Hamsi (B) is the first hash function in the x16r/x16s chain. This issue affected Nevermore v0.2 and v0.2.1. If you're running any of these versions, please update to this release or newer, as this negatively impacted the average hashrate by 6%.

Nevermore v0.2.1

04 Apr 18:16
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Nevermore v0.2.1 Pre-release
  • Merged x16s support from the x16s branch of Nevermore. Should be faster than the last release of Nevermore-x16s due to optimized Hamsi / Fugue kernels from v0.2.

Nevermore v0.2

31 Mar 01:52
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  • Made optimizations to Hamsi (+10%) and Fugue (+20%) for an overall 5% hashrate improvement in x16r.
  • Added solo mining support (no devfee!). Check out the wiki guide for how to set up your wallet and miner for solo mining.
  • Added --benchmark flag to run x16r on a fixed algo order (0123456789ABCDEF). This will let you get more stable hashrates when tuning your rig. To use it, simply add the --benchmark flag to your existing .bat file. Make sure you still include the pool info, since the miner still gets work from the stratum server when benchmarking.
  • Added README.txt to release archives with useful flags
  • Added -N 300 to default example.bat and files to average out hashrates over a longer period of time.

Nevermore v0.1-alpha

25 Mar 18:11
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Initial release. Windows 32-bit / 64-bit releases, and Linux Cuda 9.0 combined binaries are attached.

11-hour side-by-side comparison on 1080 Ti show 20% increased hashrate over ccminer-2.2.5.

There is a 1% dev donation fee for the compiled binaries to support ongoing development of this project. You can opt out of the donation by compiling from source yourself (the donation fee is in donate.h).

If you'd like to contribute more than the minimum to the project, you can set the donation percentage using --donate N to donate N% of your hashrate to the dev pool.

EDIT: Fixed dev pool switching not working on Windows. Original versions would just idle for a minute; it now properly connects to the dev pool. Please re-download the Windows versions to support the project!