Super light-weight fully-customizable Javascript Countdown for jQuery
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Super light-weight fully-customizable Javascript Countdown for jQuery.

BK Countdown, a light-weight, easy to use, fully customizable javascript countdown class for jQuery! Here’s a list of what it can do.

• It is really easy to use. Simply add one line of javascript and an element to your page, BK Countdown will do the rest.

• Full CSS support: every detail can be customized, even unique styles for pages featuring multiple countdowns • Formatting control: choose the order of the display (Label + Spacer + Value, or reverse it)

• Element control: choose what elements are created to display the counter values (default is span)

• Messages: set a separate message for the day of and afterward (such as “Today is the day” and “the event is over”)

• Open Source: the code is yours to modify and use, just give me credit.

(Licensed under the GPL Version 3 license)

For documentation and examples please visit: