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HiddenBlocks v1.0.0

Based off the popular HD mod for osu, HiddenBlocks makes any notes/bombs disappear when they come within range of your player. A video of the mod in action can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19fxxnjHvVo&t=2s

Download from ModSaber



The HiddenBlocks mod utilizes its own leaderboard, so any scores you see on the leaderboard when you have HiddenBlocks enabled are other players who are using the mod. This is not a bug, this is intended!


You can enable or disable the HiddenBlocks mod from the Gameplay Options side panel where you configure NoFail, NoObstacles, etc.


To configure the range at which blocks disappear, just change the BlockHideDistance in modprefs.ini, which is in the UserData folder in your Beat Saber directory. The minimum value for this field is 4.5 (going any lower will result in the distance being reset to 4.5).