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Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries
Release version 2.14.1
Project website:
This is the release of the Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries source
code as authorized by Enlight by the 7kfans project. The game is
provided under the terms of the GPL. See the file "COPYING" for the
details of the license.
Changes in this release:
* Initial x86_64 support in Linux.
* DirectPlay code has been removed.
The whole 2.14.xx series should be considered BETA, and even sometimes
ALPHA, in terms of quality.
Building the game
General Requirements
* GCC 4.xx or later
* Perl (checked with 5.10.1)
* SDL 1.2
* OpenAL
We do not provide the typical Makefile setup. Building in Windows and
Linux may be done in a shell, provided you have GCC (Mingw tested on
Windows) and Perl installed. You will also need the development files
to SDL and OpenAL installed. Once you have met the requirements to
compiling, build the game by executing the following commands:
in a shell:
Followed by:
If GNU Parallel is installed, jobs will automatically execute
in parallel.
If platform detection does not work for you, or you have build
failures, please contact us.
You can download the game data if you do not already have the game
installed. You can find the game data from the 7kfans sourceforge
page at
Copy the executable file "7kaa*" from the src directory to your
installed game directory. Run the executable to start the game
instead of the classic Enlight version called 7k.exe. You may
create a short-cut now.