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Basic Installation - from a packaged tarball (.tgz)
See below if you are installing from git.
$ ./configure
$ make
or for a complete install (requires bison, flex, and unixODBC):
$ ./configure --enable-sql --with-unixodbc=/usr/local
$ make
This will build some useful utilities:
mdb-ver -- prints the version (JET 3 or 4) of an mdb file
mdb-dump -- simple hex dump utility that I've been using to look at mdb files
mdb-schema -- prints DDL for the specified table
mdb-export -- export table to CSV format
mdb-tables -- a simple dump of table names to be used with shell scripts
mdb-header -- generates a C header to be used in exporting mdb data to a C prog.
mdb-parsecvs -- generates a C program given a CSV file made with mdb-export
mdb-sql -- if --enable-sql is specified, a simple SQL engine (also used by
ODBC and gmdb).
gmdb2 -- a graphical utility to browse MDB files.
And some utilities useful for debugging:
prcat -- prints the catalog table from an mdb file.
prkkd -- dump of information about design view data given the offset to it.
prtable -- dump of a table definition.
prdata -- dump of the data given a table name.
prole -- dump of ole columns given a table name and sargs.
Once MDB Tools has been compiled, libmdb.[so|a] will be in the src/libmdb
directory and the utility programs will be in the src/util directory.
You can then run 'make install' as root to install (to /usr/local by default).
Installation Options
configure can be passed any of the following flags to turn on other
capabilities. Note that the options --with-unixodbc and --with-iodbc are
mutually exclusive.
--enable-sql will cause the SQL engine to be built, you must have flex
and bison (or yacc) installed for this option.
--with-unixodbc specifies the location of the unixODBC driver manager and
causes the unixODBC driver to be built.
--with-iodbc specifies the location of the iODBC driver manager and
causes the iODBC driver to be built.
Installation from sources
First, you must have reasonably current installations of:
If you don't you should install them first. Sources are available at
Second, download the sources from github:
$ git clone git://
Third, run to configure everything:
$ ./
-- This will run libtoolize, automake, and autoconf.
Note: FreeBSD systems, as of the time of this writing, have an old version of
libtool (1.3.4) in the ports collection. It works, but requires the presence
of acinclude.m4 in the distribution, which is why it is included. If your
system has a more up-to-date version (1.4.2, at this date), this file is not
needed and, in fact, causes an error when autoconf is run:
./ltconfig: ./ltconfig: No such file or directory
configure: error: libtool configure failed
If you get this error message, delete the file "acinclude.m4" and run again.
At this point, you should resume the instructions at the beginning of this
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