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Things to Do
. compile with -Wall and fix warnings (done)
file format:
. how does global allocation map work? (done)
. export VBA script
. re-examine KKD records for form design (OLE streams?)
. write support (understood, not coded)
. Complete the list of datatypes
. Straighten out which functions in libmdb are meant to be used and which
ones should be static.
. Create an API reference for libmdb (maybe some man pages).
. Sargs need to support all datatypes
. Need a way to express logical relationships between sargs (done)
. Add support for index scanning when using sargs (partial)
. Use allocation maps to read tables, should be more efficient (done)
. write support
. iconv conversion to utf-8, et al. (done)
. multipage work tables (done)
. need program to unpack VBA script to file (see prole)
. Access forms to glade converter ?
. need --version flag (done using -M flag on mdb-ver)
. -o on mdb-sql not working (done)
SQL Engine:
. SQL Engine does not handle uppercase keywords (done)
. Joins
. OR clauses using sarg trees from above (done)
. insert/updates
. bogus column name in where clause not caught
. const = const type operations not working (e.g. WHERE 0=1) (done)
. list tables/describe table shouldn't directly write to stdout (done)
. Figure out why we get unresolved symbols when ODBC driver load by DM (iODBC
. Boolean not working (done)
. many unimplemented funtions
. Finish debug dissectors
. Export schema not implemented (done)
. Printing not implemented
. Export needs finishing (done)
. Fix bitmask size bug in debugger
. sql window section in manual
. debugger section in manual