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Avoid the zombies!

bacongamejam07: hungry

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First game I've ever built. I wrote it in Python using pygame.

I used Pixen to develop the graphics. I had intended to animate the character, and the png file has animations. However, I didn't find the proper pygame documentation in time.

Basic controls:

  • Left: 'a' or 'left arrow'
  • Right: 'd' or 'right arrow'
  • Up: 'w' or 'up arrow'
  • Down: 's' or 'down arrow'
  • Turn Left: 'q'
  • Turn Right: 'e'

Future ideas:

  • Add boots: for temporary speed power up
  • Add dome of destruction: which causes zombies to die as they hit the dome
  • Add C-4: allows player to plant a C-4 explosive device which blows up zombies
  • Add noise maker: distracts and attracts zombies
  • Add brains: Provides a secondary target for zombies
  • Add caltrops: slows down zombies over a period of time