A serverless PowerShell API in Azure Functions
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Serverless PowerShell API

Create a serverless API in Azure. Learn to expose your PowerShell scripts as API endpoints!

Solutions used:

Azure services do most of the heavy lifting, and the Azure Functions service supports multiple languages. If you bring your own language and replace part two of this series, the rest of the content is language-agnostic.

  1. Create a Serverless REST API in Azure
  2. PowerShell in Azure Functions
  3. GitHub Integration with Azure Functions
  4. Add an API spec in Azure Functions
  5. Azure Functions and Azure API Management
  6. Serverless API Series - Conclusion

The blog series was written in February 2018. This repository serves as a CI source for the Azure Functions App, as well as an online reference you can steal repurpose.

If anything's outdated/wrong, issues and PRs are welcome. If you have any other positive or negative feedback, please reach out!