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Interact with vCenter Simulator in a CI build
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vCenter Simulator (VCSIM) Continuous Integration (CI)

Have you ever wanted to test against VMware vCenter, but didn't have a lab environment available? How about in an automated fashion, every time you commit new code?

VMware's Go SDK govmomi includes govcsim, a vCenter simulator that mocks APIs.

In my first blog post on this topic, vCenter Simulator Docker Container, I wrote about a VCSIM Docker container that allows an even more portable option.

A follow-up blog post, vCenter Simulator CI Pipeline, explains this repository in detail.

This walkthrough uses PowerCLI and Azure Pipelines, but you could apply these concepts to any vSphere code (e.g. pyvmomi/govmomi) and any CI pipeline provider (e.g. GitLab/AppVeyor).

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