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@@ -9,37 +9,48 @@ node.js JavaScript client to communicate with an __A__sterisk __M__anager __I__n
`npm install ami`
## use
-### connect & login
var Client = require('ami').Client;
var port = 5038; //default AMI port
var host = 'localhost';
var client = new Client();
+//connect to AMI server
client.connect(port, host, function onConnection(err) {
if(err) throw err;
- //create the action you want to send to asterisk
+ //create the login action (plain javascript object)
var login = {
action: 'login',
username: 'brian',
secret: 'shhh!'
- //send it and handle the response
+ //send the action to asterisk and handle the response
client.send(login, function(err, response) {
+//subscribe to all AMI messages (responses and events)
+client.on('message', function(msg) {
+ //message will be plain javascript object
+ //in the case of our login response message:
+ assert.equal(msg.actionID, '0');
+ assert.equal(msg.response, 'Success');
+ assert.equal(msg.message, 'Authentication accepted');
## more info
Very much a work in progress. Would love contributions.
+[AMI documentation](
## more, more info
Fork & contribute! Open Source is awesome.
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