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Non-blocking (async) pure JavaScript PostgreSQL client for node.js written with love and TDD.

alpha version


npm install pg


var pg = require('pg');

pg.connect('postgres://user:password@host:port/database', function(error, client) {
  if(error) {
    //handle error
  //simple query
  client.query("CREATE TABLE users(name varchar(10), birthday timestamptz)")

  //prepared statements with bound parameters
  client.query("INSERT INTO users(name, birthday) VALUES($1, $2)" ['brianc', new Date(2010, 01, 01)])
  client.query("INSERT INTO users(name, birthday) VALUES($1, $2)", ['ringo', new Date(2008, 01, 01)])
  client.query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE birthday > $1", [new Date(2009, 01, 01)], function(error, result) {
    if(error) {
      //handle error
    var user = result.rows[0]
    console.log( //brianc
    console.log(user.birthday.getYear()) //2010




  • prepared statement support
    • parameters
    • query caching
  • type coercion
    • date <-> timestamptz
    • integer <-> integer, smallint, bigint
    • float <-> double, numeric
    • boolean <-> boolean
  • notification message support
  • tested like a Toyota ~1000 assertions executed on
    • ubuntu
      • node v0.2.2, v0.2.3, v0.2.4, v0.2.5, v0.3.0, v0.3.1
      • postgres 8.4.4
    • osx
      • node v0.2.2, v0.2.3, v0.2.4, v0.2.5, v0.3.0, v0.3.1
      • postgres v8.4.4, v9.0.1 installed both locally and on networked Windows 7


clone the repo:

 git clone git://
 cd node-postgres
 node test/run.js

And just like magic, you're ready to contribute! <3

More info please


PLEASE check out the WIKI. MUCH more information there.


this page is running the worlds worst (but fully functional) PostgreSQL backed, Node.js powered website.

Why did you write this?

As soon as I saw node.js for the first time I knew I had found something lovely and simple and just what I always wanted!. So...I poked around for a while. I was excited. I still am!

I drew major inspiration from postgres-js.

I also drew some major inspirrado from node-mysql and liked what I saw there.

Plans for the future?

  • transparent prepared statement caching
  • connection pooling
  • more testings of error scenarios


node-postgres is licensed under the MIT license.

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