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@@ -82,6 +82,17 @@ The two share the same interface so __no other code changes should be required__
* bulk import & export with `COPY TO/COPY FROM`
* extensible js<->postgresql data-type coercion
+## Heads Up!!
+node-postgres is __very__ near to v1.0.0 release. Up until now I've tried to maintain all backwards compatilbity, but there are a few breaking changes the community has recommended I introduce.
+The current version will spit out deprecation warnings when you use the soon-to-be-deprecated features. They're meant to be obtrusive and annoying. Understandable if you'd like to disable them.
+You can do so like this: `pg.defaults.hideDeprecationWarnings = true;`
+These are the breaking changes:
## Documentation
Documentation is a work in progress primarily taking place on the github WIKI

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