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Add char[] and varchar[] to the automatic array parser #217

ryangrahamnc opened this Issue Nov 6, 2012 · 5 comments

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varchar[] and char[] do not automatically get converted to arrays of strings in the database result.

Example input, trying with both text[] and varchar[]:

pg.connect(pgConnObj, function(err, client){
client.query('select \'{sadf,abc}\'::text[]', [], function(err, result){
console.log(111, result.rows);
client.query('select \'{sadf,abc}\'::varchar[]', [], function(err, result){
console.log(222, result.rows);

Which outputs:
111 [ { text: [ 'sadf', 'abc' ] } ]
222 [ { varchar: '{sadf,abc}' } ]

(text[] works, but varchar[] does not)

This can be fixed by adding these to the lib/arrayParser.js list of registers, but I'm unsure if there are other changes needed (like in lib/binaryParsers.js, for example):
register(1014, parseStringArray); //char[]
register(1015, parseStringArray); //varchar[]

brianc commented Dec 11, 2012

any way you could write a test for this? or a pull request? Send me an email if you have any problems getting the test suite running locally. I'm trying to encourage more contribution. Pull requests === goodness.

liamks commented Jan 15, 2013

I took a crack at it and the following seems to work for text and varchar:

var arry1 = '{"hello","hello"}';
var arry2 = '{asdf,asdf}';
var arry3 = '{{"asdf","asdf"},{"asdf","eeee"}}';
var arry4 = '{4,4}';
var arry5 = '{{5},5}';

function parse(str){
  var leftCurly = str.match(/{/g),
      rightCurly = str.match(/}/g),
      str2, strs, arry = [];

  if(leftCurly.length !== rightCurly.length){
    throw "array dimension not balanced";

  if(leftCurly.length === 0){
    return str;

  str2 = str.substring(1,str.length-1);
  if(leftCurly.length === 1){
    return str2.replace(/"/g,'').split(',');
    strs = str2.match(/{(.*?)}/g);
    if(strs.join(',') !== str2) throw('array dimension not balanced');

    for (var i = 0; i < strs.length; i++) {
    return arry;


If you like the approach I'll submit a pull request.

liamks commented Jan 18, 2013

Perfect I just submitted a pull request - it turns out I just needed to register the datatypes like @ryangrahamnc suspected.

brianc commented Jan 24, 2013

just merged this tonight. Thanks again!

@brianc brianc closed this Jan 24, 2013
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